AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG AntiVirus Free Version 19.8.3108 Free

An antivirus software program containing a browser protection module

As sure as there are countless threats lurking within the Internet there are quite a few excellent protection solutions against said threats. Surfing the web without sufficient protection is like taking a stroll in the wee hours of the night in a dark alley in the less fortunate part of town, which is not exactly perfume scented, with hundred bills peeking out of your wallet. Trouble is just waiting to happen. Unless you're on especially friendly terms with one caped crusader or another, you'd better gear up with protection of your own.
AVG AntiVirus Free is one of the most popular, and free, antivirus software programs on the web. It delivers potent protection means while keeping its interface simple and easy to operate. All the hoo-ha is done backstage.
You should bear in mind that while installing it you'd be best advised to disconnect from the Internet, since during the installation process there's a brief moment your PC is completely unprotected. No matter how brief this moment is, the virtual threats are out there, prepared to leap on their still unaware prey (that's you).
The intuitive interface will alert you to issues that require your attention and will allow you swift access to important real time updates and scans. AVG also includes a browser protection module which provides defense from phishing attempts without requiring you to install additional software.
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